Hi All, I've been a lurker since July

This is my try on the Norton method of engraving ceramic tile. Its the longest project I’ve done to date. I started doing the a 340 lpi and i was getting strange banding i think because i resized the picture. So my first try was about 3.5 hours a tile. Then I dropped lpi to 225 much faster 2 .3 hours per tile. So times 9 tiles equals a lot of time.

I’m mostly OK with the results but no time to redo anything, time is almost down to the wire for presents. I hope my step daughter like it.


Great for your first time

If that’s her dog, she’s gonna love it.

…if it’s just some random dog, and she’s actually into cats…:man_shrugging:


How big are those tiles?

In general a 4" square is like a 25 minute engrave process, I haven’t tried the norton method, but I don’t recall it being especially slow?

It’s her dog, the dog likes to sit on her shelf so that his butt isn’t on the floor.

The tiles are 6 x 6. Its the lpi that makes it take so long. that’s 1350 times back and forth plus the little bit of over burn I did to not leave any white edges on the tiles.


That looks AMAZING. Absolutely great job! So, would you mind telling me more? You painted, yes? Spray? One coat? And then you engrave? But I understand afterwards you’re supposed to use some sort of paint thinner or something? I don’t quite get it.

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I gave it 2 coats of flat white spray paint and let dry then engraved, then after engraving using paint thinner to remove leftover paint and the dust from the laser burning. I wish it was a better picture but its something my wife grabbed off facebook. The picture was kinda dark to start with and then turning it into grayscale didn’t make it any better.


Hilarious photo. I think your tiles look great! And it’s encouraging to learn that great results can be had at 225 lpi.


That looks great. I’m going to need to try one.


I dare say the dog has a smile in the photo! Looks fantastic. I think the frame was a nice choice also.

If this was a photo off Facebook then it was most likely only 72dpi. Most of what you see printed is 300dpi for standard resolution. If you were able to get something this good at this size I can’t imagine what it would look like with a high resolution photo to start! Not that it would save any engrave time.

(My nerdy ex graphic designer/printer side is showing a little bit)

We have quite a few of those around here for some reason…

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I know. Weird right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for clarifying your process. And, I disagree with your “better picture” comment. I think, whatever quality of the source, the result is nothing less than stunning.

Love it!