Hi. Thank you Glowforge... In love

After a long wait to use Glowgirl (husband had health problems, which ended in a heart surgery, he is doing great, his recovery period if over :+1:t2:) I want to play, work all day and night with the GForge!

My daughter’s drawing (of herself) to pendant. First try still working on settings, she loves it and that’s enough for me! :heart_eyes: (PG Draftboard) I’ll continue to play around setting, size, etc. (Specially for the necklace hole!)


Thank you all for the helpful info, projects, settings and tips you post. Have a great week…


Your mileage may vary but I have settled on a one size fits all clasp.

Works with wood veneer, acrylic, and leather. Dangles well in the ear lobe fittings. I shorten the extended legs sometimes, but the upper thickness and center hole remain.
File below.

Happy Trails.

THE-Clasp.zip (775 Bytes)


Cool artwork! :grinning:


It looks like you’ve assembled a great team! The pendant is amazing.


Thank you… I am probably doing something wrong, I download the file and extract it, but when I open it there is no content. TIA for your help and comments to all :wink:

I’m sure your daughter was thrilled! It’s very cute!

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That’s super cute! :v:

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The part is very small so you may not be able to see it when you first open the file. If you press ctrl-a (which selects everthing) you’ll be able to see where it is.


No clue. Downloaded it myself and un-zipped it. The SVG is in there.

Try @rhenley solution.

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Yes!! got it… THNX!!! @brokendrum and @rhenley rhenley