Hidden circles cutting using silhouette business

I have a file I created that just randomly cut an extra circle. I’ve tried finding the circle in silhouette and I’m stumped where it came from. I did a search to find someone else with this issue and all I’ve seen was inkscape help. Any ideas for suggestions will be helpful!
Thank you!

I’ve had this exact same issue. Everyone kept telling me that the problem was the artist who made the artwork was trying to purposefully screw with me by having hidden circles in the file, however I am the one who made the SVG. Never found an answer but I did fix it by remaking the file from scratch multiple times (doing nothing different) and one finally didn’t have the issue.

A single stray node or overlapping node that isn’t connected to a path can result in a circle in your print. The movement planner (“preparing your print…”) is trying to close any open paths and may close a single node path by creating a circle. You won’t see a circle in the original file no matter what program you look for it with, and the circle may not appear every time you print the same design. Instead, look in node view at the design in your design software, and look for an out of place or duplicated node around where the circle showed up – the circle will start and end from that node.


If anyone has an example file, I’ll happily take a look.


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