Hiding by 'Dismiss'?



Is it possible to hide a particular section, ie all the tips and tricks threads, until I wish to read them later, by using the ‘Dismiss’ button ?
Then they wont appear in my ‘New’ category !


I think under settings(the gear icon, click on you name at the top of the screen)>categories>mute categories.

Just type the name of the category and I think it will auto fill. You can change this again later.


Thanks. I’ve muted the Tips and Tricks category for a trial period, to see what happens.


That’s a good idea. I have thought about waiting to read those until I get my shipping notification for fear I’ll forget whatever I learn.


Hopefully someone compiles this entire forum into an easy to browse/read/print PDF🤔


You get to pick only 2 of the above.


Yes, i have done this.


Presumably, we get the chance to download all the pdfs at a later date, or would it be wise to start downloading them now ?
I wonder how many pages the current score would add up to, if we were to go directly to print.
Perhaps just saving off line would be the sensible way to go .