High Density Foam

So i have a friend that wants a laser for cutting 4" thick high density foam for various purposes. Does anyone have a recommendation of where to get a laser that can do such a task?

I feel like the GF would if i could fit 4" thick materials inside

How nice does it have to be? How intricate of designs? At a certain point you are going to vastly exceed the focal length capabilities of most lenses out there.

Maybe a CNC hotknife or Hotwire?

Something like this:


An X-carve with a soldering iron instead of a cutting head? :thinking:

Sheesh…another cool thing I must have :smile:

You guys are bad for me.


Kind of pricey. I’d suggest the DIY approach.


May I suggest these in lieu of your Glowforge. :slight_smile:

image image


mostly going for custom foam inserts for gun storage. I think the hot wire is a better idea myself but he was thinking laser. I’m ok with anything CNC so i don’t have to spend all day doing it manually

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Could it be … four one-inch pieces stacked together? That would expand your options.


Get 2 2" sheets and then glue them together so that you can use the GF.

Or what @GrooveStranger said. :D. (Didn’t see it until after I hit submit.)

I would think an X-carve or similar that you could change out the tool to a thin soldering iron would give you the computer control and a better cutting tool.

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Come to think of it you could cut the shape in plywood and then just run the soldering iron around the plywood shape you cut out :sunglasses:


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