High School graduation momento for my 18 year old cousin's birthday

His mom got him a toilet paper cake (edible) for his birthday and she was a little surprised when the cake decorator added “poop” (frosting piles). She said he would probably like a toilet paper key ring … so here it is:

Used a Creative Fabrica commercial use graphic and modified it ever so slightly and added the words and turned it into a keychain. Simple…but he will probably like it.


The keychain is great–but we REALLY need to see a photo of the cake!

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She didn’t send a picture…but a small video…years of me editing and spell checking for people before there were auto spell checkers — the spelling on the cake is driving me crazy.


Haha! Yeah, the spelling would get to me, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good slogan

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Thanks! We went to “visit” them last night…they are both self-quarantined (a word I thought I would never say more than 10 times in my life) since school was cancelled. They brought out lawn chairs that have been in their garage since last Fall…we distanced…and talked for several hours.

I brought him the key chain, 2 masks I had made for them (hers was hot chili peppers and his was Doctor Who), some very cheaply made chinese disposable gloves I use for crafting, and a George Foreman grill with interchangeable plates for him to take to college (decided I didn’t need 2 of these). I knew I missed them but didn’t realize how much until we were sitting outside catching each other up.

He gave me some cookie dough boxes that had been in their freezer since right before quarantine…a school fundraiser we had ordered several months ago. Now we can have yummy macademia nut cookies! We ended the night with an even more distanced virtual hug.


Nice that you were able to visit. Amazing how much we miss our family members.

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If properly spell checked the cake could be like that fish logo you see on that back of so many cars that I always read as Holy Carp.

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