High tech interactive art installation and more…

We just made our first visit to the Meow Wolf, House of Eternal Return this past weekend. We learned about it from a friend who had a very hard time describing the experience and after visiting I can’t say that we could do any better when asked what it is and what it’s like. It really is one of those things you must experience to really understand and even then, it’s a lot to take in with just one visit. I will provide a link to a good article that does much better at summing up the experience than I could. I highly recommend it to anyone in or visiting New Mexico!

The reason I mention it here on the Glowforge forum is because there was significant use of laser cut materials in the artwork throughout. Not only was digital fabrication a large part of the installation, but there is a 13,000 sq/ft maker space in the building for the community to use. There are two Epilog lasers (a desktop size unit and a massive floor standing) as well as a 4’x8’ CNC, lots of large 3D printers and a whole assortment of other equipment.

Meow Wolf website: https://meowwolf.com/

Article: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2016/04/inside-meow-wolf-the-amusement-park-for-people-who-want-a-weirder-disneyland/


My niece, who lives in Santa Fe, spent a lot time working on part of this massive project. Fascinating.

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Oh, my. On my list of places to visit.

Very cool.

A cruel thing to link when many of us are so far away. Going to go cry in the corner for a bit and wish for teleportation technology.


I read Ars Technica religiously but somehow managed to miss that article. Thanks for the link! I’d definitely like to visit Meow Wolf if I ever get the chance.

We returned for another visit. This time we were able to piece together a little more of the story. The level of detail and thought that went into this adventure is quite amazing.

After our visit we stuck our heads in the maker space again. This time there was a hands on laser project for kids! My girls had a great time with the small laser cut paper project and once again excited them for the arrival of the Glowforge.

And here are a few shots of the primary maker space:

There are two additional spaces that are in the same building, one for metalworking and one for woodworking. I have not explored those yet.


Man I wish I had a maker space around me.

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