Highlights from my first month!

After lots and lots of trial and error, I finally managed to produce some items which I am really proud of with my Glowforge Plus.
I went from not being able to even print on any material, to downloading inkscape and learning the software to now using GIMP to edit my photos :smiley:

  • Asked by a Veteran Charity to make some poppy signs, my first job and they were over the moon!
  • Made a plaque for my aunt for xmas, this was my first attempt using GIMP as oppose to uploading a photo straight to it.
  • Made a plaque for my friend’s graduation, my first commission gift! This took the most trial and error, I was concerned with the amount of material I wasted to get there but I am happy with the results.
  • Produced a sign for my toolbox, nothing special but I have fixed it on my toolbox and even scanned the nameplate made for me when I was an apprentice.

I have also messed about with a few keyrings and similar things. Really happy with how things are going, hope to use the community more now and turn this into a serious hobby. One concern I have is printing photos, does any one have any advice to make it easier? I have to keep doing test prints on every photo considering none of them use the exact same settings, does any one else have a similar issue and if so how did you overcome it?

Happy new year all :partying_face:


Your photos turned out great! Welcome to the forum! :grinning:

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I’d say you had a fun first month! Some great projects!

Search the forum for photo editing, there is a wealth of information from a variety of users and various software.

Nice batch of goodies! It’s so satisfying to end up with really cool stuff you designed yourself, isn’t it?

You are doing great. After awhile trial and error becomes more trial and less error.