Highlights from the first month

I made some nice Christmas presents and ornaments but didn’t get pictures.

I had some time to kill today and made a globe and a nice jewelry box with a red leather inlay for my daughter.

Glowforge won’t let me upload multiple images or post links to sources, sorry.

Full gallery here: https://imgur.com/a/701Cp


Search for dymaxian globe on thingiverse for the globe files.
See below for the link to the box maker I used (glowforge won’t let me post links.)


Lot of cool projects there! :grinning:

You have been busy! Some very nice projects!

Very impressive array of projects! I really like the denim one.

It seems to work well on normal denim. I tried my daughter’s thin denim stretchy jeans. The etch looked good but disintigrated as soon as she put them on.

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http://www.festi.info/boxes.py/index.html is a really great tool – I use it for almost all my boxes.

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Inlayed with red leather. Very cool idea.

The local leather store has a bin with scraps for $5/pound. Lot’s of unique embossing and colors. I grabbed a bunch. Do test engraves. I guestimated and the engrave is a hair too deep. I also reduced the size of the leather R 1%. That was either unnecesary or too much. There is a very slight gap between the leather and the wood. More testing needed.


Thank you!! I had no idea such a tool existed. Very helpful.

Way cool projects! I like the icosahedron the best. Well done.