Highly Irresponsible (read entertaining) Use of a Laser


This reminds me of two of the best shirts I saw at Maker Faire:
“Void your warranty” and “Caution Flammable. Challenge Accepted.”


Looks like I know what I’m gonna do when I don’t want my GF anymore (well… When version 2 comes out ha-ha)


Wait a minute, did he just destroy a tetris NES cartridge?


All I could think was,
“No safety glasses, no fire extinguisher, damn I’m glad I don’t live in this apt. complex”


Smirnoff and JD, why does that seem so right? :anger_right:


Seemed like a candidate for one of those “look at this” last words epitaphs :slight_smile:


Were you as conflicted as I was about that?




Yeah! No amount of blowing in it is going to get it play now…


That sound you heard wasn’t a bottle cracking, it was 10,000 landlords adding a no laser clause to their lease agreements.
And one over-insured landlord contacting this guy to see if he’d like an apartment cheap.


it looked like it was already partially destroyed… hopefully he at least pulled the board out.


I’m imagining landlords in college towns having a box that asks tenants to declare their major. “Applied Physics - additional deposit required.”

There was a great story about two guys who got an apartment with utilities included and quickly proceeded to set up a bitcoin mining operation in their closet. The landlord was a little suspicious when the power bill went up 10x.


With optics can reach 100 miles range?? Seriously??!!


yeah, and then he couldn’t get it to focus on a bottle 2" from the muzzle. 100 miles. Yeah, I believe that. :grinning:


Hmmm, I haven’t given my tenants a new lease yet… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With my magic “thought enhancer” you can destroy any living entity within a million galaxy radius
edit: and yes, the selection of an ever-changing-and-completely-impossible-to-accurately-quantify-and-standardize unit of measurement was "purpose"ful lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like a Kickstarter. I’d back it. :wink:


Only if he is “firing” from a height of 7000 feet, or so, with an unobstructed view of the Earth’s surface or at something approximately 7000 feet in the air.

It is kind of interesting that a “low earth orbit” is about 100 miles!

Last but not least, I wonder how attenuated the laser output would be after passing through 100 miles of atmosphere, or just going straight up for 100 miles?

Note: I did start looking it up but the number of variables involved beat me down


Since energy/matter cannot be destroyed, in some sense you could say (and this is for @smcgathyfay and her daughter) the range is to infinity and beyond.

Some loss of focus at those distances is to be expected, aka a really wide kerf.


“At 100 miles, it’s more effective as a really bad flashlight”