Hinged “book” for holding game pieces

Constructed from proofgrade plywood and non-proofgrade leather.


The scalloped edges on your box are outstanding.


Those really help to hide any tiny alignment issues when assembling the layers. Plus they look cool.


I had good luck with using registration holes and dowels. I aligned all the interior layers with dowels and then only had to align the top and bottom by eye(I didn’t want the dowel visible). I used bamboo skewers., and they are glued inside the piece where nobody knows.

This method might not be too helpful if you are only doing 2 layers.


Oh, sweet! :sunglasses::+1:

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I finally ended up keying the layers together with the magnets that hold the lid on and attach the little box to the big box. The alignment issues came from the thin walls along the length flexing slightly during assembly.


Lovely finish all round and I like the way you’ve hinged it - I might steal that idea :slight_smile:

Oh, it’s just beautiful! A real work of art.

Beautiful work

I love the mixed media of materials and textures.

Looks amazing! Nice work.

I’m amazed. This is fantastic in every way. Very inspiring too.

What a beautiful piece! Love the contrast … so striking!