Hippocratic Sign

A friend was commenting on a surgical photo my wife took of some bladder stones she removed surgically from a dog, with the hippocratic oath which states “I will not cut for stone” with the idea that a cystotomy in ancient times normally was fatal in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, so since you are to do no harm, only a skilled urologist should perform the surgery. so in reading the background about Hippocrates’ views on surgery, I found this quote from his most famous work “the aphorisms”. My friend who is a surgeon really liked the quote. That is :proofgrade: walnut ply with default settings. The engravings are all at “Graphic” setting.


Oh, this is very nice. He (she) will love it!

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The original quote from our oath is as follows: “I will not use the knife, not even on sufferers from stone, but will withdraw in favour of such men as are engaged in this work”


Looks great!

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Wonderful! As a side note it occurred to me the “fire” might equate to radiation in today’s context…

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Magnets. He left out magnets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks Good!!!

We have TMS lab at our hospital, run by a good friend of mine. He’s asked me in the past to 3D print superconducting coils for research (those must be some happy mice) out of Nylon 910.


Heh, lucky mice! I leave the coil mods to the researchers, but I did 3D print a MINIX mount for the NeuroStar machine body so patients can practice biofeedback exercises while they get their treatments. :wink: