Hiring "as needed/remote" Glowforge Specialist

I am a leather craftsman in Colorado with Glowforge Pro. I am in search of a Glowforge Specialist with graphic design experience to work on special projects as needed.

Occasionally, I get requests to create custom art work to apply to leather. Also, I am in the process of selecting a collection of stock vector files that will need to be set up/sized up to drop into the templates we’ve made to nest our leather. Not rocket surgery, but I’d prefer to have someone savvy to call upon.

The work can be done remotely by simply logging into my Glowforge account.

Please contact me at Trevor@ColdMountainCraft.com or 970-920-2653.
Trevor Washko


Hi Trevor,

Just thought I should let you know, you don’t need to give other users your login credentials. The glowforge UI allows for multiple users to be logged into one machine at a time. Someone just needs to press print on the machine.

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@jbv is a great graphic designer!


aw shucks, thanks @joe !

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