HO Scale Shipping Crates and Dock Interior

I’ve started assembling buildings for my soon to be built HO scale layout and decided that the loading docks could use some interior detailing and some crates to ship.

So I fired up the Glowforge, like you do.

The first thing I made was the interior detail to go behind an open loading dock door. The floor is 65lb card stock, and the walls and crates are proofgrade medium maple ply.

The next idea was to make some crates out of folded card stock. So I iterated the design a couple of times and came up with this:

Which folds into these (shown on the loading dock):

You can also see the interior detail through the open door.

The cubes are a scale 4’ on each side (real size is 0.552"). The rectangle is a scale 3’ x 3’ x 6’

The model is not quite finished yet. Somewhat ironically, the kit is all laser cut parts.

I do have plans to make my own laser cut small buildings at some point in the future.


Wow, the attention to detail is just stunning! :grinning:

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Those are really awesome.

Very cute crates, and I really like your building—nicely painted!

If you are wanting to make your own HO scale buildings, you might want to check out the plans for sale over at makecnc.com. I got one of their house plans (the Milton villa) and it worked up very nicely—I’ve made several of them since then:


That is great looking. I have problems getting the roof line perfect too. Just have to to keep adjusting the measurements a little at a time…

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Looks terrific! I can see why you are happy with the result.

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This is pretty cool. Nice detail work!

Nice job. Very well executed. :sunglasses: