Hold gf accountable

So I see a huge number of disgruntled customers who threw no fault of their own have felt with GF on one thing or another. It’s gets almost laughable how GF treats us. The support people do their best while the owners laugh all the way to the bank. The proof is, before you all go banshee on me, is nothing is changing. Well I’ve had enough. So go here and sign the petition. Hey it’s a start.

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“go all banshee”, lol. Rhetological fallacies come in lots of flavors I guess. By using appeal to ridicule you’re already undermining your credibility with me.

Good luck, you’re not the first to get so mad that they come here and try to start a ruckus. In every case, you represent a vocal minority and nothing really comes of it. Maybe you’re the exception, but I have my doubts.

I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be mad, I’m sure you’ve got your reasons, but you’re one person with one story. My story is really different, I’ve had good interactions with the glowforge support staff when needed.


You’ve made this same post twice… I think once is sufficient.


Ah I didn’t see the other one. That’s even more points off for @abishai2, that’s just poor etiquette.




I just wonder if the 1 person so far to “click” the petition did so to sign it or to see what it was. I don’t want to inflate the numbers on it while having no intention of signing it. Guess I am not that curious.


Or that disgruntled…or a banshee.


Remember that time you called us creeps when we responded to your post about AI? Some of us remember. You have been on the forum since 2020, but have only read 4 hours total. I don’t think this forum is where you are seeing the huge number of disgruntled customers. Perhaps your petition should be shared wherever you see the crowd you speak of.


wow, that post should have come with an order of burn cream. well done.


It is against forum rules to respond in a personal way, and I feel a bit guilty about this post, but I have read almost all of the forum posts over the years and it just isn’t true that there are huge numbers of disgruntled customers here. Also, the banshee remark.


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