Hold My Be....Books!

So this project actually started out as a joke and then turned into a real life finished product. Last week I was playing Catan with friends in PA online. While playing one friend asked me if it was possible to even make bookends and I said sure it is. Well while we were playing in between turns I had AI open and worked on making a joke bookend of the circle game which is their Discord icon.

Everyone got a laugh out of it, but then I started to think, well I’ve went this far what’s just a few more quick steps?! A few turns later and I had the file designed out and ready to upload.

After I cut it I realized my layout neglected 1/8" on the tabs because I didn’t mate it up in the design, so I had to cut one additional layer. In the end that worked in my favor because it added just a little more weight.

I used Ohua markers to “stain” the draft board, and if you use the chisel edge you can get a woodgrain effect in my opinion.


Very cool but my mind keeps wanting to put a big marble for the finger to flick


Neat idea! :grinning:


Very creative project, and very well executed!


Oh that is very cute. Nice job!


Loved it! well done!


You have to be an A++++ type person to do this between turns.


Luckily it was on Tabletop Simulator, and it was scripted so every roll of the dice automatically dealt the resource cards out. Had that not been the case, yeah I would never had been able to focus.

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Those are fun!!! Nice work!

Yesssssss! Or maybe a bug or something!

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