Holdups on Canadian delivery

So why is the agreement with Canada taking so long. I would love to tell you about my successes with my Glowforge, but I don’t have it yet. Please give your customers who were willing to put their hard earned cash on the line for a product they haven’t seen yet, a little bit of your time to tell us what is going on. That is, other than how sorry you are for “the snags” or the “delays.” Give these customers a little time and attention.


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I don’t think you should expect a response from :glowforge: on this. At least not one you’re looking for. But, really, what difference does it make why you don’t have it yet? Could be logistics. Could be bureaucracy. Could be legality. It’s out of your control regardless. You can be certain they’ll get it to you ASAP. Getting you your unit is mutually beneficial. And you’ll love it. Such a wonderful machine. Both fun and practical.


Thank you for your email. But isn’t it odd that you took the time to write the email to tell me that I shouldn’t expect an answer, but didn’t take the opportunity to answer my question. Really?

Whether it speeds the delivery or not, why wouldn’t Glowforge tell me what the issue is.

I guess I think as a customer of Glowforge, I should expect a response. Just out of respect. As a customer to whom Glowforge has not yet been able to deliver this machine, I think it would go a long way if Glowforge would take the initiative to contact those still waiting with an honest explanation. Instead, I have received many emails telling me how great the machine is and what wonderful things people are doing with theirs. And a quick apology for those who haven’t gotten their machines yet.

In fact, it’s the openness and honesty that really matters. As well as just treating your customers with some respect.

I actually don’t feel certain that “they’ll get it to me ASAP” because my experience with Glowforge has taught me that every Glowforge update I get moves my delivery date several months and that it is very difficult to communicate with anyone at Glowforge.

This response just seems to say “trust us”. I just would like to give me a reason to trust that I will get my machine ASAP. So why not tell me?


I know as much as you do. I don’t have any special knowledge of what :glowforge: has to go through to get you your unit. What I’m saying is, it just doesn’t matter what the reason is. What if they told you “We’re waiting for Justin Trudeau to allow shipping these units there.” That wouldn’t get you your unit any faster. And knowing that doesn’t help you in any way.

Like I already said, it’s mutually beneficial. You’ll be happy because you have your unit. They’ll be happy because you’ll show all of your Canadian friends your :glowforge: and then :glowforge: will have an influx of new Canadian customers. Contrarily, there’s no benefit I can think of for them to be able to ship you your unit and not do exactly that. Think about it. What would they gain? You can’t really believe they can ship it to you today and they’ve simply decided not to. To what end? As I understand it, your money’s in escrow until they ship it, so it’s not even like they can use that little bit of money for anything.

So, yes… I very much believe they’ll absolutely ship it to you ASAP.


Not sure it makes sense for someone who has their machine to try to answer.

Bottom line. It makes a difference to me. And that is reason enough.


Not sure it makes sense to ask us if you don’t want us to answer.
But, whatever. Hope you get your unit soon and enjoy it.

The question has been asked maybe a hundred times. The answer is always some version of the following:

We hope you are the first to get an answer.

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Because they won’t. They’ve said they won’t. People have asked hundreds of times and they’ve consistently said, nope, not talking.

Now maybe by some remote chance yours was the question that finally tripped some trigger and they will change 3 years of behavior and answer. But I wouldn’t count on it. And if they do, run out immediately and buy a lottery ticket because you’ll have some kind of cosmic power.