Home automation and surveillance systems

So is it just me living under a rock or did everyone else know this?

The company (Amazon) also released another video doorbell, this time under its Blink brand.

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My lights and AC change based on when I get within a certain distance from home. I can (and have) control them the other side of the planet.

My main door can also unlock automatically when I pull into the driveway, but I have that disabled.

Another cool thing I have is a “fake tv” - it projects colored LEDs randomly that looks like there’s a TV on. I have that on a timer when I’m away.

… and, yeah, plenty of cameras that record to the cloud. Caught some fun stuff outside…


Didn’t realize Amazon owned Blink…

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i think they bought bink a couple of years ago. i know i have two blink cameras that were amazon add ins for $5 on a couple of purchases i made.

for doorbells/security cams, i prefer my eufy cams. not reliant on cloud storage (they have a base station w/16gb of storage), don’t have to worry about eufy handing over my data, and i can still access them from anywhere.

moi aussi. i like this feature a lot.

i like this, what do you use to do this? is it a custom built or something off-the-shelf?


I bought a new echo show recently and got a free blink…didn’t make the connection :roll_eyes:. We have some fake cameras outside that are battery operated to have a red light making them look ‘on’. We also have a couple of the Rings-one a shot of the drive/yard, and a doorbell. Those work great too.


I have several Wemo mini outlets and use those to control the stuff that isn’t already automated (all my lights are Hue, for example…)


i have a few wemos, but at this point any lights that i automate are hue bulbs. i prefer keeping all the lights in the same system, less hassle to set up / control.

but that looks good. if we ever go on a vacation again i’ll snag one for the bedroom.

I don’t spend a lot of time making dashboards because I mostly control things with buttons and voice commands. But I try to keep this one as an overview.


I have 50/50 hue and wemo and they all operate together seamlessly. I have many lights where hue was simply not an option - many “decorative” bulbs that provide nice accent lighting.

My living room and kitchen slowly turn to a warm red glow at night.

My GF inline fan is on a wemo, Alexa turns it on and off by command, for example. It’s running now, to draw cooler, dry air thru the house while the doors to my deck are wide open.

Realized I contradicted myself.

All the lights that are capable are hue. Strips across the top of kitchen cabinets, every “regular” bulb, etc. I even changed out my over-sink fixture to accept a regular bulb, so I could have a little light there in the middle of the night.

I have a fair number of the old fashioned “edison bulb” style LED fixtures around the house, that are obviously not “hue capable” - all those are on wemo-controlled outlets.

i have my GF and inline fan on a geeni strip. that let’s me turn them on from anywhere (and it has 4 more outlets which i use in my office for hands-free turning on of the ring light and a couple of other low-poer things that have hard-to-reach switches).

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I’m not sure how something like this goes if/when you sell the house? Are you going to take it mostly with you? The last house my mom bought - a nightmare just to get the thermostat ownership transferred over. I forget the brand, but easier to just go spend the couple hundred on a new one.

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Sell the house? Not happening in my future.


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