Home Depot bamboo cutting board deal

Found a holiday special at HD. 3 cutting boards for under $10. 9 x 6, 12 x 9, and 15 x 12. Engraved nicely, except where I blasted down into the second laminate layer. The engraving of the lake bottom is definitely contoured.


Nice! Nothing like a really personalized gift (I’m assuming it’s a gift but maybe it’s for you).


Great find … Would make a nice wallhanging.

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Yep. They go on sale every year about this time. If you miss them (my store usually runs out at the beginning of December) they’ll also be available on Amazon for awhile with Home Depot as the seller & Amazon fulfilling.

$9.99 for a 3 pack is a great deal.

After engraving I oil them with a butcher block treatment (3 coats). I also use a Dremel sanding drum to clean up the handhold cutouts. They tend to be a little rough straight from the shrinkwrap.


Nice! :grinning:

Dang, they are $12.73 on Amazon. I guess not having to drag my butt outta my chair is worth a few bucks though. Good find you guys, thanks!


Hi Daskeland! Wow beautiful job! Can I ask the settings you used? thanks so much!

Looks pretty cool.