Home page organization

On the home page:

  1. I would like to be able to make folders to organize collections of like designs.
  2. I would like to be able to sort my designs by:
    a) Name
    b) Creation Date
    c) Number of prints
    d) File Size
    e) Custom Tags
  3. I would like to be able to Filter my designs by a word / phrase.

It’s been requested many times but it never hurts to say it again!


I did a search, and did not see it with this topic name :slight_smile:

And be able to change the image representing your project!


Yeah, that would be great, even say allow “Variations” of a base object, each with it’s own image…


Search and sorting by name, creation date, and modified date.


The lack of organization bothers me so much I don’t use the feature at all. I keep everything tidy on the PC and upload whatever I am doing fresh each time, then periodically purge the home page of old stuff.

I wish I could set the home page not to remember any files at all.

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That would work great, except that I bought a “Pro” with the intention of making a small business out of it. I have several relatives in the house, and one of which can get on a web browser, and start a cut. If they need access to the files, and then upload them, it slows down the process a great deal.

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We all wish it worked better.

Yeah, the prime thing would be to have some sort of API we could work against so we could write plugins / mods against the UI.

I use the Glowforge full-time.

My process is mainly to upload the files as I need them and keep a few key files saved on the home screen.

Just in case you didn’t know, you can always go back to the home screen and upload a file while another one is running. No idea how long your jobs are - mine average 25 minutes. It’s more than enough time to set up any files that I’ll need for the day.

We’d all like and enjoy better file management but that is just one easy workaround as far as efficiency is concerned. If you want to check the status of whatever is printing, just hit the print button and it will pull up the timer/job status.

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I am making pretty small stuff (Jewelry and Doll House Furniture mainly), so my cuts individually are pretty fast. I imagine as I get closer to production, the times will get longer, but for now 3 - 10 minutes is my range. I am doing ALL the design work and organization, but planning on roping folks in to keep the cutter working while I am at my day job. The organization issues are more to help myself and others about what is “experimental”, “ready for sale” etc…

Heh. Search for “folders” and you’ll get a bagillion results. :wink:
But, again, the more requests for it, perhaps the wish shall be granted! :slight_smile:

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I’d love to see your items—be sure to post photos in Made On A Glowforge if you get a chance.

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http://npcunlimited.com/NPC_Unlimited/Welcome.html these are made on NON GF cutters, but show the direction I am going in.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve passed it on to the team.