What to do with acrylic (or wood) scraps… hmmm…

Ahh… S-hooks for hanging stuff and getting it up off the work surfaces!

I was totally gonna over-engineer a hanging system that interlocks with the wire shelving units I have and then something talked some better sense into me and I went completely simple. :slight_smile:

I dont plan on actually hanging materials but it was the first thing in my way to get to something else so it works for photos. :slight_smile:


So do you ever sleep? :smiley: Good heavens you are creating stuff faster than we can hit the like button!!

Not complaining, of course! What a great idea for organizing scrap!


Is there anything you can’t (or won’t) do?! Great solution.


I sleep quickly too! :smiley:

Midnight to 4am is prime sleepy time. Outside of that, the day is on like Donkey Kong!

Nope. :slight_smile:


A huge amount of awe and jealousy that anyone can function on that little sleep.


It’s impressive how useful scraps can be. Make sure to show us what projects get the honor of being hung up! Not saying that the acrylic sheets don’t look sensational :slight_smile:


Great idea for using every last possible bit of scrap


And at some point I’ll revisit the hook design to optimize it and reduce the little bit of scrap it generates…

It’s a sickness I tell ya.


Here would be a start I think!

Artist’s webpage for credit http://escapepea.deviantart.com/art/Tesselltion-Alphabet-S-189687492