Hooray for the truly generous forum members


So grateful for the incredibly generous members here who share their knowledge and learning — it is invaluable and I really appreciate it. So grateful for @Jules and her tutorials — a true gift as I move ahead learning how to work with Ildanach. This was my latest after a lot of work in Illustrator for a simple combination of cut and engrave.


I’m right there with you! This community is fantastic.


Ha! That is AWESOME. VERY nice work!

Looks like you missed the masking on his right ear (left side). The camera always picks it up better than my eyes!


Oh he is adorable! (And perfectly aligned…congratulations!) :grinning::wink:


The community is the strength behind the product for sure.

Great job!


Yes, this community is second only to the glowforge in value to me, and Jules pouring herself into those tutorials for our benefit. A gift that will keep on giving!


Very cute–you did a great job on it!


LOL – you know, I just saw that after posting the picture :slightly_smiling_face:


That is really cool, nice job! I second that! @Jules tutorials have, and continue to, save my bacon. I have my student workers studying those right now!


I’ll third this!

Though it’s worth adding that the tutorials were put together by several forum members, not just @Jules. Pretty sure she spearheaded the whole thing, but she had help from @jbmanning5, @jbv , @markevans36301, @jamesdhatch , @cynd11, @marmak3261 and … I’m so sorry, but I’m sure that I’ve forgotten a few. These people shared their knowledge (for fun and for free) as a gift to this community.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your effort.


Ditto this. All I did was collate the data. :smile:


You’re welcome! I believe @johnwills wrote a bunch of them as well.


Hahaha–too modest! You wrote the vast majority of them!


Only for one or two programs. It was a group effort all the way. :grinning:

In addition to the handful of wonderful generous people who wrote for the design team, I went through the forum and tried to capture tutorials written by all the members here, so it really is a group effort.


Yes, I failed to acknowledge all the others who contributed. It is those (too many to name) with the experience I lack who have been so helpful in helping me get a handle on this.


You all are so awesome, I appreciate the heck out of you!:sparkling_heart:


Great work - you’re on your way to Illustrator mastery!