Tomorrow… Tomorrow is when we are finally supposed to get our email asking if we are ready. After “The Great Wait” it is finally time. We have told people, bragged, showed off the demo video… And we are next in line to get the long awaited email. My aunt’s, uncle’s and almost everyone else were (are) douters. We believed in it every second of the way, and more than that. We were happy to see the delays, the all meant either, new, better, extra, or free. We are happy we made this purchase every day. We spent all the money we had on this (probably not the smartest, but still) we live in a crumbling trailer, food stamps, you name it. We know that we will do great and successful things with this awesomely ellegant piece of machinery and cannot wait to crack it open.


Did the email come?

No, it was changed to the 23rd last minute. That’s tomorrow though so as long as it comes tomorrow, I’ll be happy.

Literally half a second after I posted the last one, I got the email…