Hope you didn't forget to use that Inventables code from last year

I bought a few small orders during the year but hadn’t used the code…waited until 12/31 and it said the promotional code you entered is not valid for this order or has expired.

gift code expires January 1, 2019

Took a screen shot and sent it to inventables…hopefully they will send it to me. I looked over the couple of orders and it does not show any discounts off the orders…I still haven’t used all that up…I seem to go through the proofgrade much faster.

Anyone else have troubles?


Argh. I hope you get a good answer. (I used mine pretty much instantly :neutral_face:)

Same thing.

I just figured maybe I used it (I really don’t think so though as I only used them for a couple of things where I bought a couple of International’s coupons because they couldn’t use them due to shipping costs). I just wrote it up to the wages of procrastination :slight_smile:

I waste so much stuff like this by not paying attention.

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I had an expired code from inventables and contacted them, they said no problem and gave me another.

I received an email back already. They said to try my code again. I will try it when I get home. You might try it again or contact them… there may be hope!

Oh no I haven’t even taken my out of his yet. Had surgery recovery 4-6 weeks can’t lift anything. I hope can get an extension code

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You can try.

I just heard back again today, they forgot to extend the expiration date because I did order by 12/31/2018…that delay cost me instead of $7 in extra materials (above the $100 discount)…but now about $53 …oh so wise and crafty they are… LOL I was going through the posts about Inventables materials and added more to my list. :wink: So hopefully mine will be on the way somewhat soon.

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Received my order today! Last time they shipped the “inlay” strip inside the box with the other items. This time I had 4 strips and they shipped them (think 1/4" wide) in a HUGE round tube! They would have fit inside the box that was delivered at the same time. I got all kids of new stuff to play with!!

Red on Bright White Laserable Acrylic Sheet - 25267-03 (×3)
Walnut and Maple Striped Wood Inlay - 30598-02
Maple Striped Wood Inlay - 30596-02
Mahogany and Maple Striped Wood Inlay - 30597-02
Walnut Herringbone Wood Inlay - 30602-01
White on Black Laserable Acrylic Sheet - 25268-03
Padauk - 30180-01
White Acrylic Sheet - 24193-03
Red on Bright White Laserable Acrylic Sheet - 25267-04
Zebrawood - 30184-02
Lucite Light Guide Acrylic Sheet - 30443-01
Red Acrylic Sheet - 24132-03
Blue Acrylic Sheet - 24131-03
Blue on Bright White Laserable Acrylic Sheet - 25256-03
Navy Blue on White Laserable Acrylic Sheet - 30419-03

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