Hoping to hire someone to cut 8 pieces for me--GIG FILLED

[thanks for the response–it’s in the works.]

My Glowforge had a small fire and it ruined the lens, and there’s a job I still need to do for a friend.

It’s 8 pieces of 3 mm birch ply, 11 inches wide by 10 inches tall. Each one takes about ten minutes to engrave and cut. Each sign is slightly different.

I have the wood if you need it, and a PDF that I usually turn into an SVG for each of the eight pieces. Happy to send the 8 SVG files or the one multi-page PDF.

Photo of a sample below.

Drop me a DM with a price and whether or not you need the wood. Since there’s shipping, US only please.

PS I was using paper tape to prevent scorch marks, and it didn’t stay glued and the curled corner ignited… but everyone is okay and the smoke alarm didn’t even go off.

Thanks for considering this and for being part of this community.



where are you located seth?


outside of NYC near Yonkers! @Macgeek thanks

@sethgodin you recently did a talk at my work (it was awesome - thank you!), and you mentioned your :glowforge: - it made my day!