Hopper Suggestion - Preview Cut

In embroidery software, you get a preview of the way something is going to stitch out. That is, the software runs through an on screen version of the stitch. It would be awesome if glowforge UI could do that. So, when a cut is ready to go, there would be a preview button and you could see the order that it was going to go over the items. This way, if you had the holes and exterior cuts on the same layer, you could tell if your holes or exterior cuts were going to run first. This would be extremely handy for me. And would prevent going back and forth between software sometimes.


The red cut preview sort of does this, but I agree with you, a true preview where you can see the details would be great.


I’d really like a breakdown of the order that each layer will cut in.

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Until that happens…each operation is performed from the top of the thumbnail column moving down, so if you have different stroke colors set up, you can drag and drop them to ensure the cutting order.

Also, if you want to ensure that certain lines cut before other ones in your design, there is a specific color order that you can use when designing to ensure that they fall out in the order that you want. (For cuts, not engraves.)


If we’re going for hopper here, I’m going to suggest a kiss-the-masking setting. 1/500 or whatever would probably do the trick.


I do that now to see the order and placement. I’d like to be able to preview it more quickly. I’ll try to find a screen grab of an embroidery file rendering. It’s a really handy thing. Especially with designing. It’s called a stitch simulator and here’s one from youtube.

It just does a quick preview of what’s going to happen when you press go.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets it.