Horizonal single stepper motor failed. Need to know steps to remove and replace it

I have a glowforge pro. the horizonal single stepper motor has failed, how do I replace it. Might as well tell me how to do the other also, will probably just replace them both at the same time.

Welcome to the community. I’ve never seen this question on here before and I would venture to guess that it’s not a user fix. Since I’m not really qualified to answer your question, I’m sure someone else who is will chime in.


Welcome to the forum.

You will need to contact Glowforge support for this information as there has been very little discussion of that repair here in the forum.

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glow forge will not help. they want to charge me 1600+$ to replace the machine, when the stepper motor is only $10

it looks pretty easy, just didnt know how to remove the movable arm, and if the wheel is pushed on or sodered.

There are groups on Facebook that include individuals that make these kinds of repairs and who buy machines so that they have the parts. Start with the owner with the Etsy shop called WiregrassMade.


thank you so much!

Steppers are pretty robust, this is the first time I’ve heard of one failing. You’re just lucky that way huh?
Yeah, these machines are assembled, no reason it couldn’t be replaced if you have the skills. Have you identified the motor? There are schematics available if not.

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