Horizontal cuts move inward or outward progressively

So I got a simple rectangle cut, but it’s thick wallnut, so I needed to do 6 passes total to get through with the power setting I was using, but I’m running into an issue on the left/right (or x axis i suppose). The vertical cuts went through perfectly, but the x axis seem to progressivly drift inward (or outward, it’s hard for me to tell) but I scanned the edge of the wood and made a 90 degree white marks to show how messed up the edges are. it’s odd, because the drift moves toward the center of the rectangle… (as opposed to just an alignment issue), so it almost seems like the vertical coordinates of the x cut are getting pulled inward.

Anyone experienced this? Is this just a calibration-fixable thing or somethin else? Thanks.

I forgot to mention this, but those horizontal cuts weren’t able to go through, because of this issue. It kept bull-dozing a new edge, and I just had to cut it out with a blade.

Presuming that you did not accidentally engrave instead of cut, if the cuts that are supposed to be on top of each other that end up above or below would have to be slipping. It is unusual that the “y” direction is doing the slipping but you might want to look into what might be causing that.

If there is anything on the raised sides of the crumb tray, or fallen down beside the crumb tray, it is possible for that to be a cause by the gantry hitting them. The side belts can also be slipping and need to be tightened there is also a cable on the left side of the gantry that can catch on things under the left side. With the power totally off you can slide the gantry slowly forward and back to try to tell where it is hanging up.

If you find that place then solving the problem should be easy.


thanks, I’ll look into this.

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