Horn engraving

Not possible with the Glowforge, but it was still interesting for me to watch:


If you had plans to engrave an entire horn like that, you would need to have it done on different laser. But most often horn is used for handles of knives, guns, or some kind of inlay where the piece will easily fit in a GF and be engraved even on a irregular surface because of the auto focus. Most lower priced machines don’t have. Trotec included. - Rich


You could engrave on a GF using multiple passes. But you’d have to think about how the design partitioned.


You also have to think about odor - burn bone/horn and you will remember it for days. The smoke can be less than healthy for you.


+1 on that–the smell of burning bone and horn are vile. Just using a dremel on them makes my studio smell like a fire in wig store.


Laser cut some adhesive stencils for sand blasting or something? Not ideal, but would work with the Glowforge.


Isn’t that why GF uses air assist and exhaust fans. I bought the filter, but many will be venting out the window. How badly will they annoy their neighbors if they start engraving lots of bone? - Rich

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That will depend on the neighbor… I had a former neighbor yell at me and threaten to call the cops for “burning all your trash in the backyard and letting the fumes float in through my windows!”
I was grilling hamburgers.


I know that was a serious post, but that analogy really cracked me up! Ewwwww and yuck!


Even with filters and the fan, something that odoriferous will still leave a remnant smell. It will definately make a big difference (as opposed to not having it, but some things just smell. Also the substrate itself may still have an odor when done - even charred wood still carries the smell - just not very strong. :mask:

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Wow, I think I’ll avoid bone for now, just sayin…

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