Horrible alignment take two

need a better way to re do the optical calibration for devices in the field (software) then having to send it back to the factory (hardware).

I could very easily mic out a few boards of PG run a alignment print job and you take the pictures of that and re set the calibration on it. I don’t know why I have to send it back to the factory. this is not a sustainable way. I also believe this problem stems from my machine never fully closing the lid so it was not calibrated correctly, and now that the lid has worked in it actually closes correctly. so the person in the factory calibrated it with a lid that didn’t close rather then send it back through he production line.

also the delays in response, and then just an abrupt thread closer with a we will contact you for replacement is not acceptable, I was not contacted at all to do any type of troubleshooting or remediation

In your position I would assume they have more information than I do. They can look at the actual logs, without them all I can do is assume.

I would bet they wouldn’t bear the expense of that if they didn’t have to. The business is there to make money, not spend it needlessly.