Hose clamp handles for GF supplied clamp

Very clever clamp wrangling!

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Congrats on getting your GF :glowforge: :+1:

nice! I use twisty ties


I found an interesting solution for my exhaust hose - a dryer dock connection that I ordered from amazon. It lets you connect the hose to the one piece and then uses an easier connect and twist to lock it to the piece attached to the glow forge. This might be a good solution for anyone moving their GF around a lot requiring connecting and disconnecting the hose.


hmm I’m wondering if you’re going to have leakage at that joint. I’m no expert but if that joint is loaded with positive pressure won’t it push apart? maybe some kind of gasket ?

It’s a insert, twist and lock solution but I do like the idea of a gasket to further seal the connection.