Hour "Meter"

I see that this has been mentioned before, but it would be REALLY useful to have a couple (or 3) of “Hour Meters/Counters” displayed in the GFUI. I envision one for total operating hours (would also be useful for calculating billing), one for total laser tube hours (reset-able when a new tube is installed) and a “monitored maintenance” counter (40 hours of use), reset-able when you do the maintenance.


Would be nice. I do use my tracking spreadsheet to monitor usage and cleaning windows.


Thanks @n6mon for the idea – I’ve captured it for the team.

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Yes, and a pop-up “time to clean your lenses” message would be nice. I personally have no idea of the exact number of hours I’ve put on it, although I “think” it’s still well less than 40.


I don’t wait for 40 hours - I do it any time I notice the camera image is blurred and I look and see it’s all smoked up. Then I clean the mirrors/windows along with the camera. I’ll do the lens on a monthly basis because I always know when the 1st of the month is :slight_smile:


Well, my camera hasn’t fogged up yet, so I guess that’s a good sign!

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+1 for this idea.

I’d like to add that tracking machine hours by user would be very useful for amortizing future repair/maintenance costs (we have 3 users currently).