House Numbers v3 | Lighting the way Pt. 2

Given that my village has decided that EVERYONE has to have house numbers… I may have to look into this further… I may have a bit of a captive market for a short while. :smiley:



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That’s freaking amazing

Ok, your house numbers are incredible! Love the fun lighting for the holidays!

We plan to put a front porch on in a few months … and thought I’d do something for new house numbers then. Mine will be boring.

I thought real hard about putting on a 3rd car garage at the same time. I managed to talk myself down from that. We have a 3-car drive, and it constantly calls out the need. Our money tree doesn’t bear the same fruit since I took early retirement.


But then you would have so much more shop space! Do it! DO it! DO IT!


Instigator!! It would be sooooooooooooooooooo nice to have a 3rd garage.


Perhaps using a regular door for a garage door, so you just move the garage over and have a workshop next to the house? :grin:

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The ambulance driver will love you for them.

We have a similar ordinance but the definition of “front” and how big they are seems a little vague because there are some that might as well not be there. And then the condos/apartments are totally useless - they generally decide “front” means the front door of their apartment or a tuckaway for the townhouse that can’t be seen from the street or parking areas. It’s awful responding to a call for a possible heart attack or poisoning or allergic reaction and not being able to find which freakin house you’re supposed to go to.


Or an anagram of “flaphole”
I got a good laugh out of the original comment and the replies

Come to the dark side. We have cookies.


Wow, that is super. Darn shame I live 1/2 mile off the road, but I could make some for my urban friends.

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Can you show how you mounted the LEDs? You are getting great light from these. Very stylish and a great way to support the numbers without the support showing the way a stencil would.

Is that a big magnet for holding the black acrylic panel?

I used double sided kapton tape to hold the LED to an metal POE camera mount. The idea was to use the mass of the mount as a heatsink for the LEDs.

(The main supply is a 12V 30A PSU, The localized voltage for the house number is 5V (and 3.3 for the MCU). The readings was to see what the actual draw was from the 12V side. Which was basically nothing.)

(Controller and the DC to DC buck converter.)

The ABS sheet is held with three 1 inch ('ish) strips of sprayed on 3M 777 adhesive. When applied it holds perfectly, But it can be peeled off to replace it with something with a different design.


Lovely! I’m always happy when I can actually find and read someone’s address numbers.

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