House warming and Birthday Gifts

While perusing the discount V-Day sales at Target, I happened upon this nice solid 5/8" thick heart shaped plaque. Its about 10.5 x 11".
It had a big hole right near the top middle with an ugly rope…lol. You can see the hole here in my on screen mock up.

Sides were already painted.
MDF with veneer is what I gathered since the etch color was nice and dark.

I added the buttons to camouflage the hole…lol

Second find was this ceramic pot with lid. 5.5" round. The wood was very soft and porous and etched very deep. Airbrushed it with blue ink coloring and liked the flowers this way so left the masking on those and gave it several coats of clear matte acrylic sealer…lol

Best thing is…material cost was $6.50!!
Heart was $1.50 on clearance and the ceramic pot was $5. :grinning:
Sadly, I could not find any more of the heart boards…


Holy Heck. Great use of the buttons :slight_smile:


Have to say I love all the little laundry signs out there … just … I’m the only one that sees the area … so … haven’t done one!

Absolutely love yours though! The little flowers on the lid are sooooo pretty, and love that you added a note under the lid!


Heh heh, way to rock the bargains! The projects came out great!

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These look fantastic! The engrave on the lid has such a great depth to it. What did you use for masking? The colored flowers look really nice.

ROFL! I love the little flowers, but I NEED one of the laundry signs! Totally clever button manhole cover! :grinning:

Just regular paper transfer tape. Medium tack. The kind I use with my vinyl cutter. If you use the rubber squeegee, I have no issues it sticking to even mdf.