Houston Maker Faire


Anyone planning to be at the Houston Maker Faire this weekend with a Glowforge?


Houston has a MakerFaire? (Wow, I need to get out more.) :smile:

Obviously not this year.


Ya, they have small ones from time to time but this is a fairly large one at the George R Brown Convention Center. Will be my first major Maker Faire so looking forward to it.


Huh! Might have to wander over to check it out. I’ve never done one. :slightly_smiling_face:


Get your act in gear!



Been kinda busy! ROFL!

I’m not sure i could do a MakerFaire anyway…just cancelled my filter. (Like literally, half an hour ago.)

And I’d need to buy a laptop or something. And hire a big beefy fella or two to move the thing around.

There might be logistical problems. :rofl:

I did just check their exhibits though, to see if any other laser folk were there. Didn’t see anything.




Her hedgie stubbed its itty bitty toe :wink:


:wink: In the immortal words of the great Steve Martin…


Ok, that’s weird. My wife and I are in Houston for two nights (just got to the hotel) and I had no idea there was a Maker Faire. Cool!
We have an appointment for her tomorrow but otherwise a pretty open schedule. I might have to swing by! Looks to be about 30 min away.
I think if the famous and talented @Jules was there they would get an attendance boost. :wink:
Oh, it’s only Sat and Sun! Darn it, we fly out at the crack of dawn Saturday. Oh well.


Chuckle, doubt it! :smile:
(Unless they were lining up to pop me one and grab themselves a Glowforge. )

Did mention it to hubs though, he flies back in on Friday…If he’s not completely exhausted from a week of conventioneering, we might go out there to see what’s what. I’ve never been to one. :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here, in terms of never having attended one. Thinking I might try the NY one next year (I’m outside Philly). If you and hubs do go you must take some pictures and post. Please!!!


I’ll make sure the phone is charged. (Which is kind of a big thing for me…I forget a lot.) :wink:


Wish I could. Saw it a while back, but my boys have their band contest Saturday in SA and I work Sundays :wink:


I took the PRU to ours a couple of weekends ago without a filter. I took the hose and slipped it under the table and had a tablecloth that went to the floor all the way around. I was cutting & engraving PG so it was just wood & Draftboard but nothing significant - no one mentioned it at all.


Was it indoors? This one is inside the George R. Brown, I’m not sure if I could get away with it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Although if i were feeling kind of prankish, it might be amusing to try.) ROFL!


How big a space? Is it a convention hall or just some small low ceiling room? If it’s a convention hall (or to your point, outdoors) you’d be good.


It’s a convention hall, but it will be packed with people.

I’m thinking if I decide to display next year (assuming they have one every year) I’ll need to reorder a filter for it. By then, they’ll be out and tested, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Or maybe they’ll do a loaner filter under the grant program.

(Or by then, there will be a half dozen other Houstonites displaying good artwork so I won’t need to.) :wink:


I was the only one with a laser at ours - even non-GF lasers weren’t there. At the NYMF there was one group with a Chinese laser they were using for topo maps and 2 Dremel booths but the rest of the live lasering was all GF machines and they all had lines :slight_smile:


ROFL! I just make a lousy front man and I know my limitations. Glowforge could use a presence there for sure…I’m just not sure I’m the right one to do it for them.

What can I say, I’m actually very shy and retiring. Or direct and no BS, depending on my mood, take your pick. :roll_eyes: :smile:

Maybe next year…this year would be out anyway, I only found out about it a couple of days ago.

I’d have to practice my “Be friendly, not confrontational” for a while before I could safely be let loose on the public. It takes skillz. :laughing: