Houston Maker Faire

Anyone planning to be at the Houston Maker Faire this weekend with a Glowforge?


Houston has a MakerFaire? (Wow, I need to get out more.) :smile:

Obviously not this year.


Ya, they have small ones from time to time but this is a fairly large one at the George R Brown Convention Center. Will be my first major Maker Faire so looking forward to it.


Huh! Might have to wander over to check it out. I’ve never done one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Get your act in gear!



Been kinda busy! ROFL!

I’m not sure i could do a MakerFaire anyway…just cancelled my filter. (Like literally, half an hour ago.)

And I’d need to buy a laptop or something. And hire a big beefy fella or two to move the thing around.

There might be logistical problems. :rofl:

I did just check their exhibits though, to see if any other laser folk were there. Didn’t see anything.




Her hedgie stubbed its itty bitty toe :wink:


:wink: In the immortal words of the great Steve Martin…


Ok, that’s weird. My wife and I are in Houston for two nights (just got to the hotel) and I had no idea there was a Maker Faire. Cool!
We have an appointment for her tomorrow but otherwise a pretty open schedule. I might have to swing by! Looks to be about 30 min away.
I think if the famous and talented @Jules was there they would get an attendance boost. :wink:
Oh, it’s only Sat and Sun! Darn it, we fly out at the crack of dawn Saturday. Oh well.


Chuckle, doubt it! :smile:
(Unless they were lining up to pop me one and grab themselves a Glowforge. )

Did mention it to hubs though, he flies back in on Friday…If he’s not completely exhausted from a week of conventioneering, we might go out there to see what’s what. I’ve never been to one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same here, in terms of never having attended one. Thinking I might try the NY one next year (I’m outside Philly). If you and hubs do go you must take some pictures and post. Please!!!

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I’ll make sure the phone is charged. (Which is kind of a big thing for me…I forget a lot.) :wink:

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Wish I could. Saw it a while back, but my boys have their band contest Saturday in SA and I work Sundays :wink:

I took the PRU to ours a couple of weekends ago without a filter. I took the hose and slipped it under the table and had a tablecloth that went to the floor all the way around. I was cutting & engraving PG so it was just wood & Draftboard but nothing significant - no one mentioned it at all.


Was it indoors? This one is inside the George R. Brown, I’m not sure if I could get away with it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Although if i were feeling kind of prankish, it might be amusing to try.) ROFL!

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How big a space? Is it a convention hall or just some small low ceiling room? If it’s a convention hall (or to your point, outdoors) you’d be good.

It’s a convention hall, but it will be packed with people.

I’m thinking if I decide to display next year (assuming they have one every year) I’ll need to reorder a filter for it. By then, they’ll be out and tested, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Or maybe they’ll do a loaner filter under the grant program.

(Or by then, there will be a half dozen other Houstonites displaying good artwork so I won’t need to.) :wink:


I was the only one with a laser at ours - even non-GF lasers weren’t there. At the NYMF there was one group with a Chinese laser they were using for topo maps and 2 Dremel booths but the rest of the live lasering was all GF machines and they all had lines :slight_smile:

ROFL! I just make a lousy front man and I know my limitations. Glowforge could use a presence there for sure…I’m just not sure I’m the right one to do it for them.

What can I say, I’m actually very shy and retiring. Or direct and no BS, depending on my mood, take your pick. :roll_eyes: :smile:

Maybe next year…this year would be out anyway, I only found out about it a couple of days ago.

I’d have to practice my “Be friendly, not confrontational” for a while before I could safely be let loose on the public. It takes skillz. :laughing:

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