How about a new category to post all the resource links into

Hey all, there’s a lot of useful resources/links being posted all over this discussion forum and I was thinking how hard it’s going to be to recall/search them as this forum grows… It would be nice to have a category specific to resource links with everything aggregated into it… Just a thought, in the mean time I’m just creating a bookmarked folder where they’re living for me personally, but was thinking a place everyone could contribute to and access… Thoughts

The bookmark feature of the forums themselves may be useful in this regard (little symbol to the left of the reply arrow)

Other than that, there are a few working on creating some manner of documentation, which I am sure will be very full of links to various resources and opinions on them (I personally am not one to leave out a resource someone else claimed was useful, no matter how little value I see to it. Never know which resources will survive the test of time, or how they will improve)

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Here’s a possible place to put resources.

Anyone can edit this as a wiki and add to it.

Not much traction. I was thinking about the bookmarks and how helpful they might be. But would rather there be tags/keywords to use for the posts. But the search is so robust for Discourse that it makes it superfluous. And who is going to tag and curate? I do like the idea of a resource category though. Might be time. Still think there is lots left in these forum posts to explore.