How and When do we get our inventables gift certificate?

I have not received my production basic unit yet. I’m patiently waiting!:blush: But, I’m just curious if anyone who has already received their units, if they have gotten their inventables gift certificate that was promised by dan in one of the updates.

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I wish I had an answer for you but alas I’m not in a position to have an answer.

I can tell you that they have lots of great stuff and it is mostly on the expensive side. Shiping is the worst part with them so if you can you will want to spend some more and get free shipping.

You can’t go wrong with acrylic as it cuts just like :proofgrade:

I got mine in the shipping notification email.


For me, it came when they notified me that my free Proofgrade pack was on the way. This is a separate email that comes after the “Do you want your Glowforge now?” email, but potentially before receiving your Glowforge tracking number.


Ditto, got it in the shipping email and had it spent in about 30 minutes :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info my fellow forgers!:grin::thumbsup::blush::glowforge:! I will be patiently waiting!!!:grin: