How are the $100 rewards credited


I noticed that I already have a $100 referral.
How will that will I be credited? I paid via paypal, will it be credited back through paypal when my Glowforge is shipped?

Obviously the company will need to answer this. But my guess is that it will be on hold until both you and the other party are fully locked in to the purchase. Technically either one of you can cancel and receive a refund up until the last minute.

I understand that the refund will not be made until delivery is made to both parties, it was just to confirm that the refund would be made by the same method that payment was made, in my case PayPal.

Sorry. Wasn’t trying to be simple. Your question and the fact that only the company could answer was immediately understood. Was responding to an unasked “when” because I tend to over parse these posts.

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From my understanding, at the time of shipment, the amount you have in referral credits will be refunded to the payment method you used to purchase the glowforge. They are waiting until shipment because you could receive additional referrals in that time, or one or more of your referrals could cancel their order, nullifying the credit.

I believe we refund to the original payment mechanism.

I know its not what a lot of people might want, but I’d prefer the option of GlowForge store credit.


Good idea!

Unless Glowforge was to give more for store credit say $125, then you already have the option to spend your $100 in the store when you get it. $125 store credit instead of $100 cash would tempt me if I lived in the states, but no doubt what ever I purchased for $100 in the store would cost me $100 shipping to the UK and another $20 tax plus $10 customs processing. (Yep the UK government do take the piss)

Good suggestion!

Paypal tends to remove the refund option after I think 90 days, may have to be sent back as an actual payment, from my own late date refund experiences.

I like the option of getting referral credits as glowforge store credits for designs, parts, etc!

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I must say that if I could use my referral credit in the glowforge store and get $125 for each referral, I’d spring for the pro upgrade. If not I’d walk with the cash. Seems like it would be a good way for GF to keep that money in their own coffers and even make a bit more profit.

I know this is a little bit of an old topic but I am also wonder how I will get the refund as well. I paid with the paypal smart connect. Will the refund just go into paypal or will it somehow go into the smart connect? Can’t wait to get the refund and the glowforge! The refund will be paying for my oculus rift virtual reality headset! The first thing I want to make is a nice wooden carrying case for the rift!

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