How can I add a "Cut" to my picture

Hello, I am trying to add a manual cut to a print, my friend sent me a picture and it printed howevever how do i cut off the unwanted wood? I can take it to my miter saw but that will be allot of work. please help

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The cut line should be part of the file. Which design software are you using?

The way that I do it is I take the picture that I want to engrave and load it into Inkscape after any editing. I then decided on the shape I want to cut out and make that shape and place it around the picture. That allows the picture to be engraved and then it will cut the shape out.

ohh I just uploaded the pic from my I phone to the app.glowforge and hit print. I didnt use any software. Does any one know of any Dummy instructions on how to do this?
Thanks in advance

The app has a list of preloaded designs that you can add your own. At some point you could preload a 5x7 rectangle and run that afterwards as a cut. Or you could scan a white piece of paper as a design and the scanner software would make a rectangle that you could use to cut rectangles. :grin:

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All you need for cutting is a vector shape with an outline and no fill. You can create your own in a vector design program like Inkscape (free) or Affinity Designer (cheap) or Adobe Illustrator (not cheap).

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Not sure if it’ll help but you can save these basic shapes and upload them to your GF to use until you figure out how to make them yourself. There’s a circle, rectangle 4x6, rec 8x10, a square and a line. You can make them larger or smaller in your GF, but you can’t change their ratio. Just right click to save the svgs if you want to give them a try.
rec%208x10 line rec%204x6 circle square


No matter what else you do a Jigsaw or scroll saw will make your life easier. Once the job is done in the Glowforge you will not be able to go back to do more. Huge skeletons from cutting many parts can quickly turn into a handful of bones much easier to deal with. When your design almost cuts the jigsaw will take care of the almost parts.

Thanks for the answers everyone! I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!