How can I convert for printing or engraving

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Mike, since you already have the picture, just engrave it. You might want to use a photo editor and lighten the background some, but since the subject of your picture is black that shouldn’t be too much trouble. I would engrave with no masking which will give a better engraving and will put some of the brown edges on the top due to the smoke stains. I would use the SD graphic settings to get a nice dark engrave. Hope this helps.


TY sir…I thought about that… but As I am a rider… I wanted to personalize it… and add my name and my ladies… ( His and her name slot)…need to be able to remove the current Text and add my own… this is why I was asking how to convert it… it would also make it easy to add other names if some one wants one of their own.

Do you have PaintShopPro or other image editor?
Put on some good music & fav beverage, it’s going to take a while…
Convert the image to grey scale, and reduce to 2 colors. And then erase what you don’t want. And clean up as needed. (Save versions as you go). Then you should have it ready to add text that you want…


I love this. The various fonts really make this pop.

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How’s this for starters? #mikev_01


AWESOME!!! Thank you

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