How can I recover a file I accidently deleted in GFUI

Is there a way to recover a file I accidently deleted? I mistakenly added the file to a folder I created, didn’t want it in there anymore. I saw it was still in the My Designs view, so deleted it from the new folder - poof it was gone everywhere :frowning:

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Sorry to say, there’s no way. Best way to avoid that is to maintain your original files on your computer.


You could TRY emailing support and ask them if there is any possibility of recovering it. I don’t know if they would do it, but the worst that can happen is they will say no.

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Thanks everyone for responding. Gonna try support. Seems like a good practice to move files to be deleted into a trash bin similar to Windows. That way they could be recovered within a short period of time. Mistakes do happen…

Don’t hold your breath. Several of my designs were deleted a while back, they claimed I had deleted them (I don’t have premium but as an original “founder” we get unlimited storage) - I had not. One in particular was frustrating because I had been working on it for some time to come up with settings for cutting out of thin cardstock. I generally don’t store designs on the dashboard but that was the last time I “depended” on it to save anything.

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