How can I refer anyone?

OK I’m frustrated after 2+ years of waiting… my back office said “Shipping Jan 24th 2018” I go and check today and now its AUGUST of 2018. That’s almost 3 years ago I invested over $3000 there’s nothing stopping them from bumping he deliver to 2019.

So is anyone else struggling with referring a product and a company
that consistently does not hits deadlines.

I get 1 year delay for a new company… 2 years I’m like thats bad planning… 3 years???

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Where are you located? When did you order?

Yes I bought from a referral but as soon as the campaign finished and they revealed they were not going to start shipping in Dec 15 I realised I could not use my referral without risking my credibility. As time has gone on I am so glad I didn’t recommend GF to anyone.

I’m so sorry for the confusion! The August date that you see on your account is the estimate for when we expect your Air Filter to be ready.

We recently sent you an email asking if you would like to receive your Glowforge, so that date is no longer showing on your account. It sounds like the email didn’t arrive properly, so I’ve just resent it. Would you reply here when you receive it so that we can be sure it arrives properly this time? Thanks!


thanks for posting 100% agree that glowforge company is not referable to anybody… I thought I was the only one feeling like a smuck

After two and a half years you really have to ask me if if I want it or not. So if I have to actually tell you yes I want the product that I sent you $3,000 almost two and a half years ago the answer is yes and ship it Next Day Air as the least you can do.

Along with all the extra materials you promised for being so delayed.

Is there anything else that will actually help you and making sure that you send the product that was promised 2 years ago?


They ask you to agree to a few things. Or if you want to wait for the air filter, etc.

And provide your address. People have moved since then.

And I’m positive that you’ll get all of the materials promised. As well as the monthly credit bonuses that were promised.


Make sure you are agreeing to receive the product as it is today. Not as you hope or believe it should be at this point.


Yes I certainly won’t accept delivery until it does what they claimed it already did when I ordered it.

Since they have removed a lot of those features from the spec you only have it on trust that they will eventually implement them. As they have broken so many promises I have no trust in GF at all and would need to see it having the XY and focus range promised, the camera being accurate, precise double sided cuts, pass through alignment and the open source firmware released. Also dynamically focusing on a 3D curved surface, which I don’t think is physically possible with the current hardware.

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Thanks @jbmanning5 and @rpegg - that’s right!

@david6 Your email has a link to Since your Glowforge is ready, you’ll be able to login there, review and agree to some content, and provide your shipping address. Once we’ve received your address, your Glowforge will arrive within six weeks, although it’s usually much sooner. You’ll receive your Founder’s benefits during that period, too.

Gosh… If only. That’s the one thing that I’ve been sorely missing from my Glowforge.

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I bought mine largely because of the pass through and the filter. I don’t have any windows I can easily vent to and I don’t have room for a machine big enough to do the jobs I want to do. Since the pass through at the moment is just a slot I don’t feel like paying for it and so far the filter is vapourware (pun intended) as well.

If I had space for a floor standing machine and a way to vent I could buy a larger Chinese machine for about what the import taxes will be for a GF pro, replace the controller and run LaserWeb to a get a much more capable web based GUI that runs without a cloud.

Since I don’t have the space I will have a go at making my own compact desktop machine with integral cooling using a much more conventional design. I.e. stationary tube and high pressure air assist blowing down the cut instead of across it.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email