How can purchase a new pulley or belt that moves the laser

I would like to purchase a new belt I don’t know what the offical name is but I dont see it in store and need one, I emailed and no one got back to me

It will take about a business day for a response (you’ve opened a second ticket by posting here.)

It isn’t a standard part that should need to be replaced, so it’s not in the store. They don’t have them sitting around waiting to be shipped out.

Yes that is why I posted here

I’m so sorry for the wait. It looks like we might not have received your email. I’ve just sent you a message. Will you reply there once you get it? I’ll keep this thread open and monitor it, in case we aren’t receiving your messages.

Hi @heather_papa - we’ve received your email and have responded to you. I’m going to close this topic out.