How come Glowforge got rid of a certain tag to enter to get art work

They got rid of, BDSM, Sexy, Pinup and others… WHY?

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Welcome to the community. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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I am assuming you are referring to the premium art? No idea of why but I would wager someone complained it was not PG appropriate, which is where Glowforge likes to center things.

The actual source is the Noun Project. I expect if you wander over there they have the items you mentioned.


I suspect that the Noun Project would avoid such controversial choices as well.

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Just checked and the terms are in. They also have a ‘kids’ section, so it is possible they are relying on self governing,

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Hi, Yes the Noun Project. I didn’t know what it was called…thank you. Yea the images were totally PG, but they got rid of those Nouns but I have the images favoried so they can still be accessed.

Its a bummer

With the Noun project you are not allowed to make something to sell, but the premium paid to Glowforge pays for allowing you licence to sell what you make.

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