How’d they do that?



It’s like a tiny specialized lathe
I like!

ah… all these toys I want but can’t afford them all…


Cool! Who knew that was a thing?!

The exact same set is only $17 on Amazon. :wink:


I saw that too! I put it in my wish list!

Totally a thing for folks who do those types of things. :slightly_smiling_face:


So we’ve been doing the nine days of the rosary and litanies before the Guadalupe Fiesta. Mind wanders (can’t imagine why given the break-neck pace of las abuelitas), and thought of bead making for custom rosaries. I’ve been doing rosary boxes but would like to do a total handmade one, including beads. I was thinking a lathe.

Would be great to stick in the CNC and let it rip. I’ve been wanting to try a setup that flipped the material and see if I can keep the registration. I wonder how well the 6mm would work. Could I do it without breaking the bit. That smaller size would be what I need.

This is intriguing. Thanks for posting.


How cool is that?!

Check shipping for actual price match.

$17.84 with free shipping. What’s your point? :man_shrugging:

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Often not free shipping, so needs attention.

Again, I don’t take your point. If you wasn’t to pay more, go for it. I’m out. :roll_eyes:

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Ha of course this exists. After I got my mill I made a custom tool that does the same thing (but no where near that compact) for my CNC router.

I had a vacuum jig with guide pins that aligned it for the back side op. That way I could make couple hundred at a time.

I must have spent a week dialing it in and a weekend making it. Crazy lol.


I don’t understand how it shapes the bottom of the bead. What am I missing???

I think you do one half then flip the board over to do the bottom half and release the bead.


That would make sense. The videos I watched just showed them doing one side, and I couldn’t grok it!

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I am thinking that half beads would make excellent feet for all sorts of things, and other decorative bits. A great use of some of the smallest bits of scrap.


Oooh - I’ve got a few chairs that have lost their feet and am using random accoutrements so they don’t scratch the floor…hmmmmmm

I believe the point is that sure it was 17 dollars. but sometimes items on amazon will show a lower price than you might have seen other places, but that is because shipping is extra.

in this particular case that wasn’t true. but I can say that I have seen many instances of that over the years.