How do I check the reservoir?

So, it’s a cool idea that it’s a “closed system” and doesn’t need any refilling. However, mine was mishandled by movers. This includes storing it on its side, and possibly even upside down though I have no proof of that. A very significant amount of the oil has leaked out.

I see no simple way to check or refill the reservoir.


Imagine how infuriated I was when I saw this…


Uh-oh. Support’s gonna need to field this one. When you moved it, did you have all of the original packaging for it? (That protects it from mishandling of the worst sort…ie: shipping companies.)

Good luck! :neutral_face:


Yes. I hadn’t even opened the box except to verify contents for insurance purposes.

Is it a new machine?

I got a terrible sinking feeling as I read your post. Stored on it’s side? Upside down??? :nauseated_face:

Wait on word from support. My fingers are firmly crossed for you.


I’m pretty sure it’s mineral oil, so while it’s made a mess it’s not going to corrode anything or cause a short circuit in the electronics. I use a liquid CPU cooler in my workstation and it’s plumbed with the same stuff for the same reason - leaks are at worst a mess to clean up.

The reservoir is under the left side panel. On my GF at least, it’s a white plastic bottle with a screw cap that can almost certainly be removed to add more oil.

So I would say your odds of recovering from this are good. But before you start taking things apart, you should wait for Customer Support to chime in…

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Mineral oil acts as a good thermal conductor and is nonreactive electrically. There are some folks who will immerse their PC in it to provide cooling - it’s something the hardcore gamers & crypto currency miners do.

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I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge was damaged in shipping. I’ll send an email shortly to arrange a replacement.