How do I clear the residue of the last cut?

How do I clear the residue of the last cut? I am trying to upload a new file and I can still see the old files in the background. I am new to Glowforge so please be patient with me. :slightly_smiling_face:


If I understand you correctly, just go back to the dashboard and click create a new design. the previous design will be saved and you will get a new workspace.

Alternately if you want to keep the same workspace, on a Windows machine CTRL + A to select everything and hit the delete key. It will clear your workspace and you can an a new image.


Hi, I tried both ways and it still shows. Not sure what’s going on.

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Do you mean that the camera is still showing the last picture it took? (Typically of what was left after you removed the last cut?) Open the lid and close it again. Then the glow forge will take a new picture.



Lots of helpful people here, no one is going to flame you for asking questions. None of us knew how until the first time.

Being new, there is a detail that should be noted, that is the UI saves the last condition of the file, so if you delete the file in the workspace, the next time you open the file it will be blank. :no_mouth:


If the lid is opened (as mentioned) it should take a new snapshot.
The image staying in place is actually adventitious at times, so it is more of a feature than a bug.

Thank you kindly.

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