How do I delete old returned glowforge

Hey there,
Does anyone know how I can delete my returned Glowforge unit and only have the replaced one on my glowforge app? My other unit had to be returned and I received my replacement today, the problem is that I think when I go to cut something, there’s a confusion and it says ready, but the light won’t come on and I have to shut down the Glowforge as well as my computer and start everything up again. I’ve already been a week without being to use it and I really can’t afford any more delays. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lisa

Opening a Support ticket (which you did by posting here) is the way to remove an old device from your list of devices.

Is your problem something else? Your old device, even if still listed on your account, should be listed as offline and if you have that machine selected, you won’t even be able to push the print button.

You can click on your name and it will show both machines so you can pick the new one that’s online until Support deleted your old one and it goes back to only showing the new one.

Thanks @jamesdhatch!

@lisascraftythings, I’ve removed your access to your old Glowforge so that you won’t need to choose which one to print on. Enjoy!

Hi Rita,

I noticed that this morning, thanks so much!

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