How do I engrave a path with stroke but no fill?

I’ve created a path using the pen tool in Illustrator. The Stroke has a thickness of 1.5pt and a solid color. The Fill is set to None.

When I import the SVG to GFUI, it shows up correctly in the rendering, but shows up as a Cut operation. When I convert the operation to Engrave, the path gets displayed as a shape with a solid fill.

On the samples below, the lines on either side of the Preset and Navigate headings are meant to be engraved. They were created with the pen tool as described above. Any suggestions are welcome.


Path shown as Cut:

Path shown as Engrave:


Correct behavior. Strokes without fills are cuts (the line width is ignored). Strokes without fills converted to engraves will engrave as if it were solid filled.

Fills without strokes are assumed to be engraves and treated that way in the UI. Strokes with fills are also treated as engraves.


I’m not sure what version of Illustrator you are using, but it’s under Object->Path->Outline Stroke. That converts the path with a stroke into an outline with a fill.


Score may get you what you want. It’s the same as cutting but at a lower power so it doesn’t go through.


This did the trick.

Thank You!

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If you are looking for a single line, use the score option instead of cut or engrave.

If you need something thicker than a single laser line convert the stroke to a fill via outline stroke as mentioned above, then user engrave in the UI.

Be aware that engrave will take a lot longer than score.


Thanks for the answer @jbpa , that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic.