How do I engrave without the laser burn marks?

My brother is asking me if I can paint a board and take off just enough of the paint with the GF so that you see the plywood beneath, without the laser burn which makes it darker. Any of you amazing Glowforgers know who to do this and what settings I would use?

This is truly going to be a trial. Start with a very low power-maybe 2 or 3 and keep increasing until you get the paint off…someone else may be able to give you better settings that has tried it before.


It’s a starting point. Thanks for the tip.

So yeah what @rvogt said. Some people have pulled this off, usually with stains.

An example can be found here:


This is going to be very tough. Perhaps going about it a different way would give you a result he would like:

Put down masking on a bare board, burnish it down very well. Use a light score to just cut through the masking and weed (remove) only the parts that will be painted. Paint the board. When dry remove the remaining masking.


or keep adding multiple passes maybe at the low level

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A laser might not be the best option. Is it a complex design he wants to expose through the paint or something simpler like letters for a sign?

You might be able to cut your pattern/design in masking material and apply that before painting.


It’s definitely possible, there are a bunch of folks who’ve done it on canvas:

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